Why are these talks hosted?

When one looks closely at the society of which one is part, it is not difficult to notice that disorder is everywhere, despite the superficial order. The mind is confused and suffers tremendously because the mind is in disorder.

One is society, and society is one. In regarding society as something external, one is deceiving oneself, and all the issues are perpetuated. The mind is trapped in all kinds of theories, fantasies, illusive thoughts and other speculative nonsense to rationalise the thing that should have been totally negated -- this immoral and degenerate society must be totally negated. Negation is not brutally cutting off but understanding completely, so the mind becomes the outsider of this corrupt society (though one may still live in the society), and only then a good society, which is never based on the modification of the existing one, can come into being.

Those talks point out the issues directly and facilitate the mind to end all the self-deceptions and see the light. Clarity is the key to all the issues. These talks are being organised with much effort to keep them free. It is becoming more and more difficult to do good in a degenerate society, but goodness must exist. These talks are to embody this.

Where are there only five self-inquiry sessions/public talks?

The main reason is the limited budget (the event is financed by a small fund), this event is made free and therefore genuinely accessible to everyone, but the organisation of the event costs money, especially the venue, which costs around 300 euros per session.

If the venue is free to use, there would have been more sessions. Human activities which are full of control and selfishness bring extra efforts to let goodness flower.

Mindiverse is looking for good support to allow these timeless sessions to take place in more locations.

Why is this event free?

The money-centred society is full of measurements, which inevitably burdens the mind; the event is based on goodness and therefore free to keep it accessible to anyone eager to understand themselves without letting the mind calculate. Of course, the event accepts donations, but it is voluntary and beyond any business model; after all, goodness is never a business. This event won't ask for donations in any form.

There is no intention to profit from this event; setting a price only brings unnecessary hurdles.

Mindiverse is looking for any good fund to support this pure initiative.

Do I need to register to attend this event?

The registration is non-binding and non-compulsory, but registering the event is recommended to establish a communication channel with the organiser. The organiser can make sure there is enough space based on the estimated number of attendees, and you will be notified of the event by the organiser via SMS. Life is full of attractions and distractions; registration is to maximise the possibility of attending this event that does not attract people via any tricks.

Does the speaker Cico have a religious background?

No, Cico has no religious background at all; here, “religious” means the organized religion in terms of theories, beliefs, rituals, superstitions, mysteries, cults and other absurdities or circuses that are going on all over the world. However, if "religious" is used in the deepest sense (perhaps the dictionary does not have such a meaning); he is -- a human with care and goodness. Cico is just an ordinary person, seeing things as they are; he is explaining everything in simple English without any theories and philosophies; he is NOT sharing thoughts but guiding the diligent mind to see the light.

Where could I find the meditation guide?

Audio guides can be found from https://mindiverse.foundation/audio-guide/

How can I donate?

Donation is voluntary, and this event won’t ask for donations in any form.

You can donate electronically by following the guidelines via this link; if you don’t know how to donate electronically and would like to donate by cash, please contact the staff on the event day.