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Understand Yourself Totally

A series of public talks on life and true meditation

For self-inquiry

Totally Free


Knowing oneself completely is the highest form of intelligence human beings can ever reach. In this total understanding, the mind sets itself free of all the attachments, conditioning and, therefore, fear and all issues, which leads to the actual transformation of living – an authentic and unshakeable life in a rotten society. 

Such a life is fully at this moment, free of any self-deception; the mind is sharp and clear, joyful and compassionate. It is not a fancy idea but something totally possible and practical that demands one’s diligence and observation. 

This series of public talks facilitates earnest ones to inquire into the self and get the ultimate clarity that embodies this total life transformation.

These human talks are based on goodness and beyond any religious, commercial or political elements. 

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No religion, no philosophy, no theories, no nonsense; there is only simple truth.

All the past teachings are available on the main website of Mindiverse.

Five public talks have been finished; the timeless content has been captured as videos and is available at here.

Mindiverse is looking for any offer of free public space to organize more self-inquiry sessions; anyone is welcome to join the goodness to facilitate this to happen. 


This series of public talks will cover every aspect of life. Topics are as follows but not limited to: 

Each talk is improvised based on the direct perception of the speaker's mind. All of these topics will come out naturally, but nobody knows the exact topics of each talk until finished. 

The talks have no elements of religious, commercial or political elements. It is grounded in humanity. The talks are in simple English, no-nonsense and down-to-earth.



September   9     Friday     15:00-17:00   Playback  

September 16     Friday     15:00-17:00   Playback

September 23     Friday     15:00-17:00   Playback

September 30     Friday     15:00-17:00   Playback

October 7             Friday     15:00-17:00   Playback

Each self-inquiry session includes silence and a public talk. 



Cico is a total human being, living in truth with care and compassion where there is no division, no conflict or contradiction. 

Without affecting the totality, a few labels here are to reveal who he does (not who he is – he is just an ordinary person): a philosopher of human minds, public speaker and generalist (mathematics, AI, biology, philosophy, cognition, English & Chinese language, western and eastern realities, human consciousness). 

Standing beyond the eastern and western realities, he sees clearly that all human issues are from a mind that is heavily conditioned to thoughts and knowledge – the known, creating such havoc on this planet.  

Via the teachings, he guides one through this serious journey of self-inquiry, facilitating one investigating the mind independently, inquiring into the self and finding clarity. His teaching style is insicive and intuitive, in simple English, no specialized terms, but never devoid of profundity. 

Cico is also the founder of Mindiverse Foundation, Stichting, a pure non-profit initiative. Foundation is to safeguard the goodness and facilitate the goodness flowering in a society laden with egoism and tribalism. 



The event is totally free

This event (the self-inquiry sessions, series of public talks) is made free to keep it as accessible as possible without letting the mind calculate and measure; this event aims at letting the clarity reach as many people as possible.

However, significant effort has been made to make this event happen in this selfish society, from fundraising and communication to numerous detailed tasks, set-ups and careful preparation.

Behind the effort, there are no motives or ambitions but goodness, which is almost extinct in this utterly self-centred society. Mindiverse accepts voluntary donations to support this pure initiative. Water is needed to let a seed grow into an oasis in the desert of humanity. 

The timeless content has been captured as videos and made accessible via the internet. It is to facilitate earnest ones to observe and understand oneself completely.